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scheme. We also have a water project tha▓t will hopefully solve the problem of water shortage." Profile: Wang HeAssistant to Village Chief in Sanjie Village, Kangzhuang Town, Yanqing Coun▓tyHe graduated from the Department of Political Science and Law at Beijing University of Agriculture.After▓ graduation, he served as village official an▓d stay for another termAs one

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o Sanjie Village, Kang▓zhuang Town, in 2006. During the past three years Wang transformed from a law graduate into a sweet potato expert. Retaining his post as a village official upon expiration of his term, Wang mad▓e up his mind to carry on the cause of promoting colorful sweet potatoes.Scolding▓ nearly made Wang quitWang is from a peasant fami▓ly of Miyun County. "I was born and raised in the country▓side," Wang said. He believed that he is a rura▓l boy and therefore capable of adapting t▓o rural work more quickly than other college graduate village officials from cities. However, he soon discovered that he had been over-confident.Wang served as the as▓sistant to the Village Chief, and the Villag▓e Chief was his direct superior. "He had a tall, thin figure, big eyes and bushy eyebrows, and a mustach

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ave come across a r▓ude man." As things turned out, the greater his worries, ▓the more likely they were to become a re▓ality. The Village Chief scolded Wang mercil▓essly for every mishap he made, talking obscenities without caring about his▓ feelings. Sometimes Wang felt so wronged that tea▓rs were welling up in his eyes. "I did want to quit."After some time, however, Wang began to realize that his superior harbored a soft core under ▓a hard shell, defending his deputy in front of impatient villagers and even praising him hi▓ghly in front of municipal officials who came to the village to inspect on college graduate village officials. "Wang He did help us a lot. The boy is very capable and gave us a lot of assistance in the village," said the Village Chief, adding that being strict with Wang did not me▓an that he did not appreciate him.Every year, the St▓archy Gallery in London's East Dulwich invites people to take part in their potato contest. And this years the ▓winner is Amy Winehouse, a